Make use of trapped data on paper forms


Turn the information captured on your paper forms into actionable data.

Have you ever experienced one or all of these below…

  Trying to track down forms MIA or dealing with incomplete forms?

  Does your LinkedIn profile now include the skill of “forensic handwriting” expert?

  Ever spend time, “I mean painful hours” trying to locate a misplaced or misfiled form?


  Are batches put on hold because you’re waiting for a signature or approval?

  Are you spending too much time reviewing your paper forms to approve?

  Not sure if people are filling in the forms the right times, or following the company               procedures?

Do you wish the information on your paper forms magically were put into an Excel sheet?

What is involved in making the switch to digital forms?


Gather Paper Forms Convert to Digital Mimicking Your Existing Flow

You give us your paper forms and we convert to a digital version. Plus, we will let you know any opportunities to take advantage of being on a digital platform.


Deploy to Team Members

Have your team start using them, collecting data. Your team will find using these digital versions of your forms easy, as everything is familiar. Same questions, same process flow, even your naming conventions are the same.


Make use of captured form data Analysis|Reporting

Now that your data is digital, all the submitted forms are stored in a database. You simply login to your reporting dashboard and see the results. Query your data in a number of ways and get to the information you require.

What results can you expect?

Here is how life changes everyday


You move away from sorting through paper forms to find what you need and now pull up your dashboard and enter what you are looking for.

The hours it took to create weekly reports is gone.

Finding out after the fact that a test was not completed or done on schedule (every 30 minutes) is eliminated.

Proactively speaking, you no longer need to wait until after the fact to find out that something did not pass, in other words a violation occurred. You have the benefit of adding real time alerts based on specific criteria and send either an email or text message to the right team members to get involved.

Approvals now can be completed at each step of your process using work flow steps, by the time it reaches the final step in production you have reviewed all the steps before it and the final approval is a matter of course. This makes releasing your production to ship out less of that pressure cooker on the shoulders of your Quality team. 

Also, when people start talking about analysing your data it is no longer a discussion about who is going to take the time to enter all the data from your forms. Rather it is simply, a matter of accessing the reporting dashboard.