Thinking about moving from your paper based forms to an  electronic version? Looking to access the information written down on your paper forms? Wishing audits for SQF, BRC, customer audits could be done with a couple clicks of the mouse to look up the information the auditor requested? Then go ahead and click on the button below to see what can be done.  


Finding it difficult keeping track of where your Retention Samples are stored in the warehouse. Frustrated with how long it takes to find and retrieve one of your Retention Samples when an inquiry is made? Have you spent needless time hunting down a lab report associated with your Retention Sample that went MIA or was misfiled?


Ensure your quality specifications are met and production is on target. Most are captured on a paper check sheet. Companies want to move away from the reactive, after production is finished and towards a real-time, while production is running approach. Having access to their data in an electronic searchable format is also a top priority.


Looking for a better way to inform your team of their upcoming shifts? Do lines form at the beginning of each Shift as team members wait for their work assignments for the shift? 

The Shift Notification digital form allows Shift Supervisors to push this information out to their team members and receive updates should someone indicate their absence for the shift.


Moving away from putting out fires when it comes to breakdowns is challenging, when you have fantastic maintenance team that thrive in / on these intense situations. It takes a concerted effort and dedication to make the move and one way to ensure a path forward is to have systems for documentation, your process of how to do things and a way to measure progress.


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Usually an afterthought, yet vitally important. Putting in place a structure that ensures inspections are scheduled, completed on time, capturing the proper details and  and by those properly trained is key. Having a follow up system to address any identified issues or deficiencies ensures you are on top of what needs to be done.


Reinforcing a safety culture in the workplace is more than words, it takes dedication to make it a part of the company’s culture. Ensuring you are always doing your utmost and not becoming complacent requires good systems, people and data. A digital forms solution can provide those key elements to help keep safety front and centre.


Application details coming soon