To our customers, partners and the Digital Forms community,

The global pandemic and economic crisis unfolding before us is a new reality for everyone, creating complex challenges that must be managed and led in bold new ways.

Like many companies, we are asking ourselves: How can we help?

First, we are taking care of our employees, focusing on their health and safety; working from home, no in person client meetings opting for telephone or video conferencing, etc..

We are working with our partners, suppliers’  and their teams to make sure things continue to work as smoothly as possible, all the while knowing that things are not business as usual and we will all need to be ready for surprises and challenges in the weeks ahead.

Most of all, we are staying customer focused. Business must go on, especially during times of crisis, it helps to add familiar structure for everyone.  Doing so creates business continuity, better emergency responses, and better outcomes.

Working with our applications team, I am proud to share that today Digital Forms by Weigh Label is making this Emergency Self Report COVID-19 form available at no charge to all customers. 

In the spirit of doing our part and honouring the thousands of front line workers showing up every day despite the risks, keeping our supply chains working, from those on the manufacturing lines producing the products, those that deliver the products via various transportation and logistics services, to those stocking the shelves, running our retail stores, keeping their doors open each and every day. We are offering this form and a dedicated station license, at no charge to any company that requests it.  For those where our digital form is not suitable we have developed an SMS solution utilizing the Twilio platform as well, at no cost to any company that requests it.

This is a time that calls for cooperation, for giving, for coming together to navigate through this crisis. And that’s what we’re doing, contributing our part to help.