The Challenge:

Each day at the beginning of each shift a line forms of team members waiting to speak to their supervisor of what department to report to for their shift.

Due to the large number of people this process can take anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes which is unproductive time. 

In addition there are team members that are out sick or for other reasons can not make their shift and the Supervisors are not provided this information in a timely manner, so they are scrambling to fill this void.


Provide a form that notifies each team member of their upcoming shift and what department they are assigned to for the shift.

The team member confirms their presence or can indicate that they will not attend the shift.

The system alerts the Supervisor vai email or text message if a team member reports they will be away so they can proactively find someone to fill this open shift.

The Supervisors manage the Shift schedule and department assignments in an spreadsheet style interface, allowing them to make updates and changes quickly and easily.


  • Eliminate the start of shift lineups
  • Reduce overtime due to waiting in line to receive department assignment
  • Proactively manage open shifts due to team members being away
  • Positive ROI each month