The Challenge:

Getting a handle on equipment repairs and ensuring upcoming preventive maintenance is not only scheduled, but that work is done when it should be. Companies are trapped in a unforgiving cycle of fire fighting equipment breakdowns and find it a challenge to move towards a more structured and planful approach to maintaining their revenue producing equipment assets. 


First and foremost none of this happens without a team of people with the right focus and will to create something better, period. After that, having a system in place is key in managing all the moving pieces of your maintenance program. We provide a job scheduler to task out breakdown and preventive repair work, a set of forms that provide the relevant details to the technician while capturing their completed work and a dashboard that pulls all of these details together to provide a holistic view of your equipment, breakdowns, jobs scheduled, parts on hand, etc.. We develop the dashboard to match the metrics and KPI’s that your business tracks and allow you to query your data to uncover insights and trends to help increase reliability and move from reacting to predicting what needs to be done.


  • Increased equipment reliability and uptime
  • Work on what you planned to do – the fires are out
  • Access data on the state of your equipment, trends