The Challenge:

Ensuring your in process checks are completed and recorded per your procedures. Providing feedback from these checks in the event of an out of specification occurs, so appropriate action can be taken to ensure the product runs within specification and maintains your quality standards. Most checks are recorded on paper check sheets, which is fine, but it lacks the ability to provide these vital alerts or the capability to query the data that is written on these forms, unless someone manually enters them into a spreadsheet. Although, desirable and with good intentions this rarely if ever happens.


Build out a digital version of your In Process paper check sheets which ensures that your checks are being completed on time, immediate feedback is given for any results outside of the set limits and the right people can be notified when such an event occurs. Going a step further, all these In Process check form submissions are stored in a database and a dashboard style interface is provided where you can review or query your data to find opportunities for improvement; i.e reduce product giveaway.


  • Real-time feedback – take action what it matters most, when production is running
  • Know your quality standards are being followed
  • Easily access your data and gather valuable insight into your operation