The Challenge:

Ensuring that the Racking in your facility is properly inspected and when required is often left up to a manual process of a calendar reminder and a couple paper forms. Often times they are not completed when they should be and people are scrambling to catch up and get their paperwork in order, which in turn leads to checking boxes and filling in what should be there. None of this is purposeful on anyone’s part, simply trying to make things right, however the company is left exposed.


Schedule a task to conduct the inspection on a recurring basis, ensure that only qualified team members perform the inspections. Link those tasks to a set of forms that move the inspector through each section of the process, asking the required questions and capturing the answers. Any deficiencies identified can immediately trigger a workflow step to either have reviewed by a supervisor or manager and or create a request to have fixed. Utilize functionality such as NFC tags to prove the physical presence during an inspection and a system date and time of when the inspection was started and completed. Save the completed forms in a database allowing authorized users to review the results and any issues identified. 


  • Ensure inspections are completed on time by the right people
  • Built in follow-up and follow through process to address deficiencies 
  • Inspection results accessible on your dashboard