The Challenge:

Although we have materially increased the number of protective measures and safety rules in recent years, accidents still occur frequently in industrial settings. After a comprehensive review of the causes of accidents in the workplace it uncovers that often accidents are related to unsafe behaviour and a disregard for safety rules. The outcome is not a positive one for either the injured employee who may suffer from a long term injury or for the companies that employ.


Implementing a Safety Walk and Talk program is found to interrupt the routine of checks and audits, which brings a fresh perspective and set of eyes. 

Having a proper structure and ensuring that the Safety Walks program are implemented properly is key to ensuring desired results. Our task scheduler ensures that these Safety Walks are completed at the right time and by the right people who use our form to answer questions, capture and record various details of what they witness and see during their audit of the work environment and prompts them to think differently. The submitted forms are uploaded into a database which feeds a dashboard that tracks the various audits and creates metrics of what was found and highlights insights from the data captured.


  • Structured and scheduled approach
  • Capturing of inputs using digital form
  • Dashboard to view results and insights
  • Breaking the cycle of routine