The Challenge:

The Quality department is required to keep production samples of each batch produced with multiple lines and a shelf life of between 12 – 18 months product depending, keeping track of where these samples are stored for easy and quick retrieval is quite the task. 

Currently, they are placed in boxes, which are added to pallets and then stored in the warehouse. Being able to retrieve a sample due to a customer or regulatory enquiry is a guessing game and usually takes several hours at best.


Provide a form that tracks sample location and provide an easy way to recall this information.

The physical movement of the sample is as follows: Each sample is affixed with a barcode label identifying the sample details and then placed in a reusable case that is identified with a barcode label, when the case is placed on the pallet it too is identified by a barcode label and lastly we identify the location of where the pallet is stored.

On the form side, the above steps are mimicked where the user enters these details either from a drop down field or scanning the barcode label. When completed, the form is submitted and the information is stored in a database for easy retrieval at a later time.

The user can look up the stored samples and filter based on a variety of fields, such as sample expiration date, location, case ID, etc..


  • Ensure you have kept required samples
  • Manage warehouse space by proactively destroying expired samples
  • Save time locating and retrieving samples