If you are in business and your product is sold and consumed you have a Quality Management system. Undoubtedly, it is a system that fits your company’s needs quite well, like a glove as they say and rest assured we are not here to convince you to change that system or your way of working. What we do offer is a way to convert, replicate your paper forms into digital, electronic versions.

Why you ask?

For a number of reasons, many I am sure you have most likely asked yourself at one point or another. At the top of the list is to actually be able to easily, and quickly use the information that is trapped on your paper forms or make approving batching far less tedious and time consuming. Another reason we hear often is to  know about what is happening (think email, text messages or dashboard alerts) when it happens not after the fact. There are many other reasons and each one important to that business and there operations.

Our traceability and food safety application is simple and straightforward to use, designed for mobile devices and traditional desktops making data entry fast, efficient and error free. Gain real-time visibility of your  quality related forms from material receiving, through batching, packaging and shipping. In addition capture all the forms that support these processes from sanitation logs, pre-operational checks and operational checks and their associated audits. in-process checks across your entire organization. Access historical data easily through the interactive Dashboard. providing valuable insight for continuous improvement purposes and making stressful audits a thing of the past.


  • Easy and quick to use
  • Mobile ready
  • Mimics current production processes
  • Workflow, rules based
  • Integrate with other systems – MES, ERP
  • Real-time Dashboards and metrics / KPI’s


  • Make use of your data
  • Reduce input error
  • Reduce time to complete inspections
  • Batch approval times significantly reduced
  • Capture the right data, at the right time from an authorized user
  • Approvals are completed in real-time ensuring that any deviations are caught immediately
  • Pre-populate forms to reduce manual entries, reduce typos and make users faster and happier.